Five for Friday on the First of May

Earlier today I was writing my Five for Friday in my head when I realized it was also May 1st. Hello Farley! So I decided to combine them. I'm beginning with number one as the Currently.

I have been EXHAUSTED night I literally was in bed at 6:30 and woke up 11 hours later. 
This summer I am training for the New York City Marathon (!!!) and taking a class through Harvard's PD program about Differentiating. I'm hoping that through this class I'll be able to get all my lessons in order for next year. And I am always dreaming of adventures and happiness! It should be my motto! 

Next week I'll begin assessing my first graders on text features. Week 1 will be about just identifying text features and week 2 will be about being able to use the text features to answer questions. Mid year when I assessed their ability to identify text features I used a checklist and met with them when I could asking them to point out and find the different text features in books and on websites. Well that turned out to be a mess. I got the data I needed but it took way too long and I kept missing students. For the end of the year I decided I'm to do something different. 

I instead used a sticky note template to create a set of text feature sticky notes for each child. I'm hoping to have the students label books and the websites with these stickies, then I'll be able to quickly evaluate that they know where each text feature is located. Fingers crossed it works! 

This week my behavior focus was on what to do when you need help.

My second graders are finishing up their iMovie projects on Real World Problems and they did SUCH a good job! The students were so excited today asking "Can I upload it to YouTube??". Maybe. Maybe we just might. 
Second grade classes who had finished their iMovies went on and explored the site. They loved it! With wonders from "Why do bunnies hop?" to "What makes a rainbow?" to the ever popular "Who invented the toilet?" there is something for all students.

First graders this week used the text features on to learn about EXTREME WEATHER! They loved it! They especially loved watching the videos and seeing and hearing the force of the storms

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