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I know. It's boring. But it's true. I could have said: the waves crashing against the shore. That would be pretty. But it would a lie.

Old news now but: I ran my first half (hilllyyy) marathon at the end of February! I ran it in just under 2 hours which was beyond my wildest imagination! About two miles of the race were dirt and they were covered (and I mean covered) in ice. And there were three BIG hills. But! There were was also this one downhill section that was so, so beautiful. But I'm done gushing now. Because I'm sure non-runners have moved on to my thinking. ;)

I had regional PD back in the beginning of March where Kathy Schrock presented! I loved it. I immediately starting using storyboards, something she had talked about, the next day. And I still have all my notes from her presentation that I need to go back and read because I know there are so many other ideas to use. 

To get a longish amount of miles in today. I am officially one-fourth of the way through my 2015 miles in 2015 challenge! Today as the first day of March begins a new slate. Since I was actually ahead of my mileage at the end of March, I only ran 4.5 miles the last two days. Which I'm hoping means my body is primed for some more miles than usual.  

To start taking better notes of the feedback strategies I am using. For TEAM, I have a journal online where I'm supposed to reflect and plan. Except my style is more a sticky note here, a couple pages of notes there, a conversation with my mentor over here. When it comes time to write my reflection paper, I know I'll be mad at myself so I need to get all these notes and thoughts organized ASAP. 

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Well I started a blog called Teaching Voracious Readers as an undergraduate assignment for my Reading and Language Arts course. I had to write at least 15 posts, each about books to be used in the classroom along with resources. I soon became hooked on the blogging community and decided I wanted to blog a bit more about teaching life so I started this sister blog.

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