Unapologetic Five for Friday on a Sunday

I vowed that when I finally got the opportunity to blog again I WOULD NOT APOLOGIZE. Life gets busy.  Like really busy. Like I-haven't-posted-since-February-1st-Busy.

So here is my Unapologetic Five for Friday on a Sunday Post.

Yesterday I went to Teachers College Saturday Reunion with a group of teachers from my district. Oh My Gosh. I loved it. It may (just maybe) have been the FIRST time I've ever been to New York City [insert shame face here]. It was also my first Reunion. I've wanted to go to one since I heard about them in college and I am SO SO SO grateful I was able to go yesterday. I got to see Patrica Polacco (from the second balcony in a LARGE church). 'See her' might be an overstatement. I heard her and saw something moving WAYYY down below that looked like her!
Do you see her and her quilt?
Visited the Columbia Bookstore!

First Picture Taken!

Waiting for Patricia to speak

 But in all seriousness, I knew it was going to be crowded. I had read about other bloggers experiences and other people in my district had warned me. So I choose my session, wrote them out, marked where each one was on the map that we got in the morning and when I (secretly) left the keynote early I was ready to go. I was also lucky because all my session speakers were very understanding and let us out five minutes early and three of my sessions were all in the same building. And in a weird serendipity, I met another elementary tech teacher from only a couple of towns away from me when she sat down next to me at my second section. How about that for coincidence.

I am hopefully going to be attending the Tech & Learning Live @ Boston event on May 1st! I just have to, you know, ask first. But I am realllllyyyy excited for this PD opportunity. And I [insert blushing shame face here]  have never been to Boston either. 

BUT speaking of traveling I get to go back to NYC November 1st. Because (drum roll please...) I won entrance to run the NYC MARATHON! Yes! Only 18% of people who entered the NYC Marathon lottery were accepted AND to make it better MY SISTER was also accepted! We'll both be running it together! I know. If you have to pause for a moment to catch your breath from excitement, I understand.  

I am about halfway through my second TEAM module where I am focusing on Feedback. In an earlier post, I described how I really just wanted some magical formula for feedback. While I didn't find that I have found some great articles and books that have helped me a lot. The strategies I love the most are the ones that are simple, easy to implement, but have strong impact on student learning. I will sometime (not promising when) will post sharing about the different strategies I tried and which ones are keepers. 
And I completed my second formal observation! So now I just have one more informal observation (which means my evaluater can stroll in any time to evaluate...dun dun dun...).
This week I have a half day Thursday, no school Friday, one week of school, then APRIL VACATION! It's strange to think back to when I was hired and I was SO nervous about the first week of school, and the first month of school. But now when I lift up my head from focusing on each day, its weird to realize after April Vacation, I'll be heading towards the home stretch. 

Happy Sunday!


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