It's Monday: What Are You Reading? (IMWAYR)

On this lovely snow day, I decided to link up for the second time to the IMWAYR Link-Up!

Currently I am reading a book called A Tale of Two Centuries by Rachel Harris. It is the sequel to My Sweet Sixteenth Century which I didn't actually read.But! I started to read this book and realized it was set in 16th century Italy. Hmm. Okay. I think in my snow bound state I was looking for something a little fluffier (as much as I love history). So I did the unimaginable and flipped through the book and glanced at the ending(gasp) and it was set in modern times! Wait what? 

So unlike what a normal person would do (which is go back to the beginning and start reading it again), I simply flipped through until I found the part where she was suddenly in a taxi in modern LA about to arrive at her cousins house (whom the first book was about). And voila! I started reading. And it's a really good book. 

Essentially Alessandra D'Angell is transported to live with her centuries removed cousin (Cat Crawford) so she can explore who she is and figure out how to handle some problems she is facing back home (in 16th century Italy). I am only on page 196 so I'm not quite sure how it ends yet but I am looking forward to finishing it. Also, word to the wise: Reading the first 30 pages of a book helps you understand what exactly those problems are that she was facing. I know, I sound like the worst, laziest reader EVER. But (sigh) in my defense it's a snow day read and my brain wants to relax and not decipher what exactly happened in Italy. Okay I'm stopping now because I'm digging myself in a hole.

SO! I recently stumbled upon PopSugar's 2015 Reading Challenge that Kristin shared in her blog My Carolina Classroom. And I decided that I am going to try this challenge.  Here are the guidelines:

I'm actually kind of nerding out about this challenge. And I promise I will actually read these books all the way through and not skip the first 30 pages - I swear!
Find more information about the challenge here.

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