February Currently

So excited to be linking up to Farley's Currently. There is something about starting off the month with a blog post that feels so good.

Listening to the heat blow through my house! It is cold in Connecticut and it feels nice to sit in my cozy house with a bowl of hot corn chowder soup. 

Loving that I have my lessons for my second graders more or less planned until the beginning of March! It's a nice feeling to look at my planner and not feel that panicked feeling (which I may or may not feel when looking at my plans for my first grade students! But that's another story!)

Thinking I should really get busy writing the actual lessons to go along with these plans! Although I have the ideas and the objectives for the lessons, I don't have the actual lessons completely nailed down yet! 

Wanting to eat healthier! I had a salad yesterday and I felt so virtuous! The feeling lasted until I went and ate some ice cream but it's an improvement! I read somewhere recently that on average Americans eat only one vegetable and one fruit a day. And I thought Yep. That's me. A banana with breakfast and some sliced red peppers with my lunch. So my goal is to buy more veggies and fruits and to eat more of them each week. Yesterday I bought some baby spinach so its a start! My cafeteria at my school is also great about serving little cups of fruits and veggies each day for about 75 cents a cup. I need to get down there more to buy some!

Needing to put compression socks on my legs. I know some runners wear them while running but I like to wear them after running so I can walk around my house looking like a weirdo and no one judges me! Nothing feels better after a long run then compression socks, Gatorade and turmeric (it helps relieve inflammation). I might also like some ice cream too;)

Pageant Title. Hmm. My first thought was Queen of Sunshine because I feel like I am generally a happy, bubbly person. Then I realized I haven't been really feeling or acting that way recently. Soooo I'll have to change that to Queen of Critiques. I feel like I've fallen into a rut where I critique myself and others wayyyy too much. 

Need to get my sunshine back! Maybe eating some veggies will help! ;)

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