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Motivational running videos are a mainstay for me before any race. My personal favorite is of the 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials in Texas. 

 I had homemade potato pancakes and they were DELICIOUS. I have them quite often and every time their awesomeness doesn't fade. 

 I always fade about mid-day then wake up again come 7 at night. NOT good! I need to make more regular sleep patterns. 

 I am running a Resolution Road Race and I really, really, really want to PR. My current 5K PR is 23:23. There is a slight problem though: I have barely trained. Like at all. I did some speed work November. Then at the beginning of December I crashed completely and my running nose dived. Running period was hard. Doing speed work, hills, and timed miles? Yea not happening. My goal was just to run 20 miles a week to keep a solid base. And I know what my problem was: After my marathon did I take 26 days easy like they said? Nope! The Thursday after I was doing speed work on the track. NOT SMART. To all runners out there: If you run a marathon, take 26 days off easy! That when I should have focused on just keeping a base of 20 miles, easy, and then focused on the harder workouts later. 
SO it all makes me a bit nervous. Because I really want to run a good race but I know I didn't put in the training. 
(UPDATE: I ran it in 23:21! Yes I have a new 5K 2 seconds! Not sure how I pulled that off exactly but I'm just hoping it means I'm stronger and faster than I think! Imagine if I actually trained what I could do!)

Oh Lord in heaven help me. I need to focus and get my work done. I have written none of the lessons I said I was going to write. Did minimal work on TEAM. But I did read about 6 books so far and went on some long runs! Still I really really need to just buckle down and do my work. ASAP.

Yes: I signed up for the 2015 miles in 2015 virtual run challenge through Run the Edge. That averages out to be about 5.5 miles a day and 167 miles a month. I know I have no clue what I have gotten myself into except I really want to challenge myself this year. 
Maybe: It would be logical that with all this running I would run another marathon right? But I'm not sure. I have a half marathon coming up in February and I'm having a hard time mustering excitement for that. Not that I didn't LOVE running my first marathon because I did. But we'll see.
I Wish...I really love writing and I have about 30 stories that I've started and I would love to finish one of those stories till it's a full novel. Time, discipline, ideas: all excuses but I really hope to make progress. 

Happy New Year!

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