Wardrobe Wednesday: Pinterest Inspiration

As they say, when it rains, it pours.

Since I got back into the swing of blogging (thank you Ashlee!) I also have been back on Pinterest.

I created a new board called Teacher Outfits where I pin outfit inspiration. I swear this board is a life saver. Last weekend, I went through my clothes and found a gray sheath that I LOVE. I had bought it for interviews but then wore it with a black blazer. I ended up hating it so I shoved it to the back of my closet. 

Then on Pinterest last week I searched "Gray Dress" and came up with this gem.

Boom.Inspired, I wore the dress the next day but with a tan cardigan (instead of red), a pink necklace (instead of blue) and brown boots (instead of tan flats). I got SO many compliments it was ridiculous. It made me realize I had grown to rely on my slacks, t-shirt, scarf combination a little too much.

While browsing through different outfits I also found this:

Which I took my own spin on and turned into this:


Motivated by my success, I typed in "Coral Blazer" this weekend. I had also purchased  a coral blazer with the idea I would wear it for interviews. It always just felt a little too big and a lot not me.
I found this picture and decided I am going to wear it this Friday with black pants, boots, and a blouse. 

LOVING Pinterest. 

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