Holiday Wish List: A Vacation Themed To Do List

There are two and a half days of school then...WINTER VACATION!
(Side note: Remember when February break was Winter Vacation and this vacation was Christmas Vacation? Now we have two days off in February...weird...but it brings me to my next point!)
I have a full TWELVE days of vacation before I head back on January 5th...Whoa! Automatically I am so excited because...THINK OF HOW MUCH I CAN GET DONE! Then I think about how in the summer I think the SAME thing. I get so excited because I have all these weeks to get work done...and yet I do a minimal amount -mainly the items on my mental To Do list that have deadlines.

So I created this little To Do list, except I named it my Holiday Wish List, as in all the things I wish I'll be able to get done over the Holiday.

Writing this makes me feel like I am an OCD worker- but I'm honestly not! I still have 100% plans to have fun and enjoy my vacation - you don't have to plan for that, it just happens. But the productive, work related items? Well, yea, I tend to avoid those like a plague. So this is my attempt at a preemptive strike against my inevitable laziness. 

Below is the blank template which is also available at my TPT store as a free editable Publisher file. 

Fingers crossed that this keeps me focused and I get most of the items on my lists done!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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