Fourteen in '14

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 "Where does it come from? I don't know. It takes 17 muscles to smile and 140 to frown and I'm just kind of a lazy guy." - Arthur Lamoureux

My Black Gap Pants: Professional, versatile, and long. Plus I got them on sale (clearance, maybe?). 

Pitch Perfect. It became the soundtrack to getting my work done. As in: if you do your work, you can listen to Pitch Perfect on iTunes in the background. Worked like a charm!

Glee. I have been watching the old seasons a lot lately. I got hooked my junior year in college but didn't watch consistently till season 5. In preparation for the last and final season 6 I have been watching the old episodes. It also works as a motivator. As in ahh it's Friday! Ice cream and Glee!

Tim’s Bistro/Candy Shoppe. They're both in my hometown right next to each other with the same owners and it wasn't till this year that I went to Tim's and the Candy Shoppe only opened earlier this year. I LOVE them both.

Being a technology teacher.
If you had told me in college I was going to be a "specials" teacher as a my first teaching job, I would have chuckled. Little did I know the path I would take! I was originally planning on getting my Master's in Science Education or Reading, but ended up getting it in Educational Technology, which resulted in the job I have now!
In the beginning, during the first two months it was all about getting my feet wet and setting all my routines. By the beginning of month three, I loved it - I felt at home. And then the three weeks before vacation, it all clicked into place. My lessons went smoothly, the students were engaged, and I felt like I was finally clicking with some of my tougher students and classes. My fingers are crossed that this awesomeness continues after break!
I have also fallen completely in love again with the younger kiddos. I remember doing some volunteer work in college with K-2 students and loving it. Working with this age range again has made me re-realize how much I love it!
While working with grade 5-8 students is also awesome (the great conversations, the jokes, the higher level of learning), I found that a lot of those things are true with the younger munchkins - plus lots of hugs!

T-Shirts from my sister. She made up t-shirts that said "Stop Katie", "Stop Kehoe", and "Joan, Deena, Kara, Shalane....Katie" for me. The first two shirts were in imitations of the "Stop Pre" signs and shirt and the last was a list of all my favorite elite female runners plus me. 
Then to make it even more awesome she had students where she works wear them, she took their pictures, and uploaded the pics to Twitter where she declared they were my fan club.
When the notifications started coming in on my phone and email, I couldn't stop laughing. Best Prank Ever.

 In the best six months or so that I have had a teacher centered Pinterest, I've pinned almost 400 pins. And 50 of them are to a board called "Teacher Outfits". Whoops! But I love clothes and I'm trying to be as honest as possible, so my favorite pins are my clothes pins (haha clothes pins - okay sorry bad joke)! My goal for 2015 is actually to wear all the clothes I own. 

Hard to believe I wrote 64 posts this year, where I only wrote 3 in 2013 and 1 in 2012!
But my favorite one is impossible to choose. I like them all because they capture a little part of my year to create  a bigger picture.

Running a marathon/Getting my first teaching job/graduating with my masters
Sorry! I couldn't decide! 
Running a marathon was a dream I have had for a very long time.
At the same time, so has teaching! (For an even longer time in fact).
And I am super happy I graduated with my Master's in Educational Technology in August - I completed it in two years and debt free - two huge pluses to the accomplishment!

Here is my favorite (four) photo(s). Both running a marathon and teaching are things I've dreamed of for a long time: To have accomplished both this past year makes me really happy and a little teary.

This summer. I made  a montage video of this past year on iMovie and it made me realize how I have had such an awesome year but also how many fun things I did this summer - that I am living my dreams and still having fun.

To be a creative blogger/to be an effective teacher/to run faster and stronger.


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