Five For Friday: Funny Tales (and Lessons) of a First Year Teacher

Do you ever have Five for Friday posts that you write then NEVER post? Yes. All the time.
This Five For Friday is a little TBT style with all the stories in it dating back to September (So when I say "Last Thursday" translate that to "Last Thursday...two months ago"). BUT then I read that Five For Friday is on hiatus until January...tear:,(
SO I figured I would post it anyways. :)

Last Thursday, I got dressed in a fairly new white print dress and a red sweater with matching red sandals. I felt pretty darn spiffy.
So as the day goes on I have the following conversation with a (7-year old girl) student.
Student:  Is your dress a dress?
Me: Yes.
Student: Well it's really, really short.
Me (a bit befuddled and embarrassed): Okay. (What else was I supposed to say?!)
Student: Well, do you have shorts on under it? (Like in a dead serious concerned for my health way.)
Me: (Um. What did you just ask me?): Honey, we don’t ask teachers questions like that.
Oh and this was in the middle of direct instruction with all the other students patiently listening. #nbd
So I promptly went and used my Old Navy cash to buy 7 pairs of leggings to wear under all my dresses.
(And in my defense, my dress wasn't that short! I mean it wasn't below my knee but it made me realize how I need to be very aware of these things, especially with little kids where you are much more mobile than with older ones.)
So now I ask myself three questions every morning as I get dressed:
    Do I look stylish?
    Do I more or less match?
    And could a student ask a potentially awkward or embarrassing question about my outfit?
Gotta be prepared!

Here is another oldie from the very beginning of the year:  Midway through the Open House, I was running my fingers through the end of my hair making sure it was all nice and smooth and I found… a paper clip. Black and White Striped. My hair is black and white striped anyways so it blended right in, right? Right?!
These next stories are all about the joys of seeing former students:
I was post run ice cream shopping on Wednesday and I saw two of my former students from working at the middle school. One of them had actually written me a Student Letter of Recommendation last year for my current job and I was very excited to share I had gotten the job. It was awesome seeing her and hearing how much she loved high school. The other one was a boy I had worked with for two years and he wasn't sure whether he'd be staying at that middle school or moving to one a town over. I asked him what middle school he was at and he gave me the strangest look and said he was at the other middle school now. About 5 minutes later I realized he thought I was still working at the middle school and was thinking 'Ms. K, you don't notice that I'm not there?’ That's why he gave a weird look! Gah! I felt so bad afterwards!

Then on Thursday I ran to “spy” on the local cross country practice and on my way there I ran into (almost literally! Scared them pretty bad!) two girls who I got to know through Unified Theater. They finally got over the fact that I gave them both heart attacks ;) . Then while at the practice, I saw several of the former 8th graders who are now freshman. Some people think it’s weird to work in the same town you live in, but for me the majority of the time I love it. I mean I admit that there are days when I want to just grocery shop or run in peace but this week was not that week. It also made me realize that while I loved working at the middle school, I’m equally happy working where I am now.
You know you’re a teacher're super excited to use the new laminator! Finally got around to laminating my number labels for my computers(above), each classes School Rules in the Library Checklist that they came up with and an Awesome Yellow Brick Road Retelling activity for ELL curriculum work.

Last Saturday at some unholy hour, I wrote a post describing how the second graders in my school, all 160 of them, created and put on their own Thanksgiving Day Parade for the rest of the school using the Inquiry Model and STEAM. It was a lot of work, a lot of fun, and it had AWESOME results. Check out the post for more details.

And this is from September: And I got new running sneakers. I seriously LOVE Zappos. I ordered a pair of sneakers from there on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday when I came home, they had arrived at my house. One day shipping! For Free! Repeat with me: Zappos is awesome. 
With a November Update:Still think Zappos is awesome..also it's time for some new running sneakers...Yes I go through a pair of sneakers every 2-3 months.

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