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To my mom and sister talking about weird berries on the cedar trees in our front yard. Are they bittersweet? Are they seed pods? Are they weird mold growth?
Secret: It’s really Sunday morning as I write this! I was going to wait until tomorrow (today?) to write my Currently but then I was like WAIT – I don’t have to wait for Farley to post the December framework since I already know what the first five boxes are! Then I just have to fill in the last box! Love it!

This four day weekend! It is sadly the last day but I got so much done it’s okay! I ran (0 on Thursday, 10.6 Friday, 4 Saturday, and I’m planning a 3-4 miler for tonight), spent fabulous time with my family, blogged, read books (finally completed a book I had been reading for almost two months now!), wrote lesson plans, differentiated instruction for next week, ate A LOT of food.

The ice cream in my mouth is sweet but cold. And the air outside is surprisingly warm! I wish it would be this temperature EVERY day this winter (except one day a week where it can snow...preferably a Friday;)).
I also LOVE this Currently design! I love how it looks like watercolors, but it's layered with the presents and the elf. Also love the lettering.  And really want to learn to create such awesome pictures myself.
(Hm. I tuned this Thinking into a Loving and Wanting! Whoops!)

My lessons to go smoothly tomorrow and for the next three weeks until Winter Break! I’ll be doing a Holiday research project with my second graders where by the end they will have a Constructed a product which they will present.  With my first graders, I’ll be teaching them how they can use the Index in a book and the Search Bar on a website to find answers to their questions, then I’ll be giving a mid-year assessment for my SLO (I know – a great holiday gift to give;))
Note: Today I taught the first lessons and I need to add *something* extra to the second grade lesson. They understood what they were supposed to do and did an awesome job doing it but a) they did it fast (which is actually AWESOME - it means they are getting better and better at writing what they already know and writing wonders) but then when i transitioned some of the kiddos to starting to research answers to their wonders -well, it got a little messy! I had some students who REALLY wanted to start their research - except they hadn't written any wonders yet! I had also combined an old Wonder worksheet with a  new Holidays worksheet, which meant the students had to flip to one side, then flip back again. Confusing! I  rewrote the worksheet after the lesson so for tomorrow the sequence of what I want them to do is in the right order on the worksheet as well. I also think I'm going to designate one table as the "research" table and students who finish their wonders, check in with ME, can get a ticket (making this up as I type but I like the idea) that I'll write their name on, and they can only be at the research table with the iPads if they have a ticket.
The first grade lesson went smoothly, using the index to answer their wonders. I was pretty impressed by how well the students worked with their partners, came up with wonders, and use the index to find their answer! Like the second grade classes, it took less time than I thought it would! I wish in retrospect I had done part of my SLO assessment then, where they have to identify the different parts in a book. I was planning on doing this whole class tomorrow, but I'm thinking it might work well if I went around and asked the students individually to identify the different parts instead of as whole class.
The librarian today said that the three weeks leading up to vacation are a bit intense behavior wise but then they come back from break like new.  So I just keep thinking: Three weeks then awesomeness! :)

New Running Sneakers. Pronto. I like to get new sneakers after every 300 miles (and I know that sounds extravagant, and yes, I go through about 4-5 pairs a  year!) because after 300 miles they're pretty worn out and my shins start to ache. Right now I have run about 324 on my current pair and my shins are feeling it! The past two pairs I've bought from Zappos, the same brand and type each time, just different colors. I haven't decided whether I want to try a new style?A new brand? I like the ones I bought and they worked well but I feel like I'm still searching for the *perfect* pair.

Gifts! I need to start gift buying! I loved Farley's RACK ideas with her students and I was wondering if this year, I could make a point for each gift I buy to make sure some portion of the cost goes towards a charity (connected to children, education, or maybe something the giftee is passionate about). 

Happy December!
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  1. Hi Katie! Love your blog. I'm also a runner (about to go hit the dreadmill because it's raining :-/ I really like Saucony but I've had New Balance in the past.
    Have a great week!

    1. Elizabeth,
      I bought Nike's recently but when I first started running I had Saucony's and I'm thinking of going back to them. I too am not a fan of the dreadmill :(
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Do you have an Elf on the Shelf in your classroom? I hear he does wonders to keep the little ones on task during this crazy time, and he may be the key you need to make those lesson plans go smoothly! :) Good luck, either way!

    1. Funniest thing - today when the kiddos were writing their wonders some of them had picked Christmas as the December Holiday they were wondering about - and I was surprised at how many of them wondered things related to the Elf on the Shelf, Santa, Reindeer, etc.! I'm used to working with middle schoolers and it was refreshingly fun to hear them talk about the topics with sincerity! The whole 'Someone's watching you' idea is definitely something I'll have to subtly play into! Thanks for the great idea!

    2. Glad you liked it! Hi Katie!

      I wanted to let you know (in case you don’t) that you’re a no-reply blogger. This means that people can’t respond to your email from the email that comes with the comment. Most bloggers I’ve seen prefer to email their responses to ensure they’re being received (whereas you have to remember to go back to a page to read a comment suggestion unless you subscribe to the comments. You can change this in your settings (I created a new email just for my blog if you’re worried about not revealing too much about yourself), but you have to be on a computer. Let me know if you need any help!

      Send me an email so I can reply to you with the freebie!


  3. Love your blog! Your colors are so cute!

    I love ice cream! I have to a little every day.

    1. Lynn,
      I'm glad I'm not the only one who eats ice cream frequently! It makes life sweeter!
      Thanks for stopping by!


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