Five For Friday: Ketch-up Version

Since it has been so long since I actually blogged this Friday is a Ketch-Up post. I remember my third grade teacher having Ketch-up days and I loved them. They were oddly relaxing but it also felt great to finish uncompleted work. 

And here are some more pictures from my marathon that I didn't share in my Liebster Award post.
Yes I ran a marathon. I woke up at 6 in the morning and by 8 I was at the starting line. It was one of the most fun, exhilarating and awesome experiences of my life! And I totally want to do it again…ASAP! They need to warn you: If you run one, you’ll want to run them all! I think for me there is this idea, like OMGosh I will NEVER be able to run a marathon. Then I spent all summer training, spent three weeks tapering (essentially not running as much and eating a lot of carbs!) and then boom, ran the race. And it was awesome and beyond all my expectations.
On Saturday, only my backside hurt from a rash.
On Sunday, my thighs KILLED. Getting up and down was a huge deal. The fight between I want something to eat and I don’t want to move was a hard one.
On Monday, I had general achiness.
On Tuesday, I had a PD day and I was fine during the three hour meeting in the AM then in the afternoon when I was sitting at my computer adding students names to a database I thought I was going to fall asleep! Physically I was fine but boy was I tired!
Did I mention the night before the race, I woke up every hour on the hour in a panic. At midnight, I vowed I wasn’t doing it. At one, I was in a complete panic. At two, I decided I was insane. Then finally at 5:45, I woke up and decided, Nope! Doing it!
And I’m SO glad I did.

CRAZY Hair Day! This picture was taken in early October...hence the tan!
As you can see here I went for the braids look….which led to comparisons to Bo Derek and Bob Marley, both which I wasn’t aiming for! I just thought it would be easy to do. Thirty minutes later I wondered who thought braiding my super long hair into little braids was a good idea. It must have been someone else.

Happy Black Friday! I HATE shopping in malls....and in stores...especially when they're crowded. So Black Friday is not my type of holiday. Except I do LOVE And thankfully stores are also have deals online and more deals on Monday for Cyber Monday. On my To Buy List?
-A new laptop! I bought my current laptop when I was student teaching ... so about 2 and  a half years ago. And sometimes it works AWESOME (like right now) and other times its SUPER slow and it shuts down on me without warning. My game plan is to buy one at a discount then save it for when my laptop really truly dies.
-Winter Running Jacket. I LOVE jackets. And I have several fabulous ones. But I want a jacket that is high visibility, cute, and warm. Which is harder to find then you'd think. Okay well actually not hard, I just don't want to spend $200 on a jacket I only wear running.
-Pillows and satin pillow cases. I decided I want new pillows AND satin pillow cases because satin pillow cases prevent wrinkles.

I successfully completed my first formal observation! Now I just have one more formal observation and one informal left. It felt awesome getting that done! 
I taught a lesson on using the table of contents and the navigation bar to help you find answers to your questions to first graders.While the lesson was definitely NOT perfect (only about 6 kids completely finished the assignment), I was happy to have semi-successfully completed my first teaching observation as a new teacher.

And I’ve been super busy with … well… teaching! I love working with my students (all 250+ of them!) and I love the content I teach, but each day is a learning experience and it’s a lot of rewarding work. Each week it gets easier and each week I learn more, but it takes A LOT of time and energy, which made me put this blog on the back burner. I miss reading other blogs, participating in linky parties and blogging about my days. I will definitely be trying to blog more! I miss it!


  1. Sounds like you have been busy! Love all of your Black Friday deals. Congrats on your marathon!

    The Craft of Teaching

  2. Hi Nichole, Good for you on the Marathon. And I didn't know satin pillowcases help with wrinkles... so that is the problem :) Also congrats on the Liebster award. I have a Liebster award link-up page. It explains the Liebster and provides an easy way to find Liebster bloggers. No new post is needed to link-up. Easy. Find it here: See you around, Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

    1. Hi Kathleen,
      That is awesome! I was wondering how I could find a list of all the people who had won a Liebster Award...Thanks for sharing the link!
      And I'm not sure if satin pillowcases really prevent wrinkles, but I needed new pillowcases so I figured it was worth a shot! ;)


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