The Latest Adventure: Summer Running

Up front I'm going to admit this post has nothing to do with teaching. Instead it's all about running. 

I love running in the summertime.
If you like getting up early you can run then (I strongly advise going before 9 though or else it gets too hot) because it's light out. And if you like night running (me!) then you can run in the light of the setting sun while secretly sweating to death because it's still secretly hot out from the day.

That said I did something crazy on Monday: I signed up for an October marathon. Yes a marathon. 26.2 miles.
I've only run one mile races and 5Ks before! I even bowed out of running a half marathon in my own town!

I started a marathon plan last week and wanted to make it official by registering (They always say having an actual race helps to motivate you).

Oh how easy it is to agree to run that far in October when it's only June.
Clearly my euphoria of successfully completing my ten miler had me in a deranged state.

Then to make things worse I shared on Facebook that I would be running said race. And we all know, if it's on Facebook, it's official. No backing out now.

Of course it turns out a woman I know from high school is going to be running the exact same race!
Which is why I'm making my race plans even more official by putting it up here.

Feel free to cheer me on this summer as I attempt to run and blog. Hopefully I'll be successful at both!

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