Guess who's a first year teacher? :)

In the last month I have worked at all four schools in my district. Maybe that needs a little explanation. 

School Number 1: For the past two years I have worked at a middle school. Unfortunately at the end of the year I got the news I was being moved to...

School Number 2: the high school to be a special ed para. I definitely had mixed feelings (I would miss the middle school a lot, I was certified k-6, high schools do have awesome environments tho) and after a couple weeks I had adjusted to the idea. It would be different, but I would still enjoy it and I would learn a lot. Then there was a para opening at...

School Number 3: the intermediate school which works with students grades 3-5. I got called in to an interview, realized how much I really would enjoy the job while at the interview, then a week later got the call: I got the job! I would be in a similar position as at the middle school working as a SRBI math and/or reading interventionist. Then a week later I got a call from...

School number 4: the elementary school which has students in grades K-2. A technology teacher position I had applied, interviewed and demo lessoned for was still open and they thought I would be a good fit, but they were concerned because I didn't have a lot of experience with the younger elementary students. The principal asked me if I would still be interested in the position if it was a long term sub position for one year where I would have the chance to learn, grow and be mentored. I obviously said YES! I had the interview with the superintendent and director of curriculum today and signed the contrast shortly after. 

My first reaction: disbelief, followed by excitement, followed by shock (is this a dream?), followed by: oh my goodness gracious! I have no clue what I am doing! 

I think my biggest thing right now is a shift in thinking. I have been a para for two years but now I'm a first year teacher. 

So I googled it. And these are some of the resources and articles I found:

1. The first article is at Education World titled "Advice for First Year Teachers-From the 'Sophomores' who survived Last Year" and contains 8 tips as well as the ABCs for first year teachers and additional resources. 

2. This second one is actually from the US Department of Education. It's actually a book from 1998 entitled "What to Expect Your First Year of Teaching". I'm sure some of the material might be dated but also sure that some of it has stood the test of time!

3. This one is a blog entry on the Washington Post's site. It is a reflection given by a high school physics teacher Kate Miller based on her own experiences as a first year teacher for what prepared her for the crucial first year.

4. This last article found at The New Teacher Center websites details the stages of being a first year teacher. Oh boy! It's intense and scary and exciting! They have a nice little graph of the stages and it looks a bit like a roller coaster! All I can say is I am definitely in the Anticipation Stage!

With a little less than a month to go (I start new teacher training on the 24th) I know these will be very busy and exciting months ahead! 

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