Five For Friday...Summertime & Happy Fourth!

This is my first five in a while. As with what normally happens, I actually wrote them the past two weeks but for whatever reason never actually posted them (I think last week I never got around to adding the pictures I wanted to add).
So! This is really a Five for (Three) Friday(s) post.

1) I am officially done with my Masters! I submitted my last assignment on Tuesday and I am done!!!  I calculated that this will be the first time in NINETEEN YEARS STRAIGHT that I haven't gone to school! Is that crazy or what? I am beyond looking forward to the break...until I get antsy/bored and start something else! We'll see as I'm holding deciding anything else until I've had at least sometime to enjoy doing nothing! 

2) June 19th was the last day of school! Whoot whoot! The last week was packed with a Luau dance, a whole school picnic, a staff picnic, a PBS work day, 8th grade promotion, an 8th grade picnic, school wide assembly....the list goes on and on....
There was also a school mile long race (as a fundraiser for The Hole In The Wall Gang Camp) and I was the first faculty finisher! Okay it was technically a tie but I jumped in front of the male teacher right before the chute. I know I'm a horrible person. 

I also received the most awesome early birthday present from my coworker:
Four boxes of crackers and one thing of Oreos...they lasted me, oh about a week.

3) I was told my placement for next year and interestingly I'll be working at a high school in the special ed department.  I never imagined working at a high school so it will be an adventure for sure! I do have to say I will miss the middle school...a lot! But new adventures are a part of life and the longer I have to get used to the idea the more exciting it seems.

4) The budget in my town passed!! The school budget passed by literally THREE votes. Three votes people!! It really shows how every vote counts. 

5) Summer bucket list: 
Train for a marathon, 
Learn to longboard (it's a long skateboard used for cruising: I bought one in May but have only learned to go down my driveway. When I tried to go up my driveway I fell and scraped my knee [but my dress did not get a tear]), 
Continue to write on my blog (I'm thinking a What I'll Miss About Middle School post is up next), 
Organize my clothes (I have clothing issues. 'Nuff said), 
Complete my coaching application (Find CPR class in the area stat).
Write. Stories, poems, blog posts. I love writing but too often I fail to make the time to do it!

And as an extra bonus update: I successfully cleaned up my rooms and desks!! Yea! Granted I was still bringing stuff home the Monday after school ended.  But hey! Whatever works right?

Happy Friday and Happy SUMMER! 


  1. HI Katie.. I am new to blogging.. but I just saw a comment you left me - awhile ago on our blog.. I AM so sorry I didn't reply... I didn't even know it was there.. (new to blogging thing.. Ha).. Thanks for stopping by our blog.. we have been working on our blog posts and hope you enjoy the new ones.. :) We are also having a 500 follower giveaway SOON! so stop back!! thanks !!

  2. Hi Karen,
    No worries! It always takes me a bit to notice comments and reply! Thanks for stopping by! I'll definitely check out your giveaway!


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