Teacher Survival Kit

So next year I will be switching schools. I'm not sure exactly what I'll have in terms of storage space but these past two years I've been very lucky having an office area and a classroom. Since I'll be working in a special ed room next year I don't think I'll have quite that much space. Which brings me to: what should I bring in, necessary items, for my "survival" kit?

1) Dry instant coffee that can be made with just water and heated in the microwave. Emergency situations only and must be drank before 12 or else Ms. Katie will be up till 2 am.

2)  My own mug. I'm a little germ wary and while I know I'm sure they'll have an "extra" mug for me, don't tell me someone didn't use it first.

3) Hand lotion and Chapstick. I am a lotion freak. (Little secret: I have been putting night cream on since I was 14! Yea I love having soft skin). 

4) My sharpies! I created my first Sharpie container as a junior in college and have maintained one ever since! They are awesome for everything: labeling, making signs, making posters, creating colorful worksheets at the spur of the moment. I know they're not the most non toxic and smell free but they are precise, neat, dry fast, and last a long time.

5) Lint brush and Static Guard. I added these to my desk this past year after an awkward day with a staticky lint attracting skirt. I never used them once (probably because I wisely never wore that awkward but adorable black and white checked wrap around skirt again). 

This is an ongoing list I'll be updating throughout the summer as I think of new items. Let me know what's in your survival kit!


  1. Are you switching districts? positions? Maybe I missed this in a previous post, but I'd love to hear!

    1. Hi Ashlee,
      Nope! I hadn't blogged about it yet!
      I'll be switching schools in the same district - going from a middle school to a high school where I'll be working in special ed. It will be a change for sure but I'm slowly getting excited for this next adventure!


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