Five For Friday

I have tentatively decided that I will be running a marathon in October. Holy Guacamole - What did I just say? Yes, you’re right, translated from Runnerish to English that means “I am pretty much admitting I’m insane!”

I get the nervous heeby jeebys just thinking about it. But! This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while and my sister made up some rule that you have to run 26(.2) before your 26. Which means I have two years to go. Why not now?

Well, a lot of reasons. But there will always be reasons why not. All you need to find is one reason why. Here’s my reason why: Why not?

No, really. What else am I doing? I run a lot. Why not aim it towards something constructive?

Coinciding perfectly was an article in Runner’s World (best.magazine.ever. Well, tied with Glamour) about training for a marathon and how you need to start training May 26th for an October 11th marathon. What did you say? It’s already June 13th? Oh well. I’ll just skip the first four weeks of the plan. Then instead of running the prescribed workouts for each day (track workouts? Who actually does track workouts?) I’ll just run the mileage for that week. I think this is pretty much a foolproof plan that is guaranteed to be successful.  

But! To hint at what’s to come, I went on a 10 mile run last Saturday.  See how pretty the trail was?


 Then I went to Stop and Shop to pick up some Gatorade and ice cream (post run eats of the champs) and I nearly fainted at the self-checkout. I was literally kneeling in front of the register reaching up with my long arms to scan my credit card, trying not to pass out, with black spots in front of my eyes, my stomach gurgling, and my heart racing. The worker in charge of the self-checkouts nicely ignored me.

It’s all good. (I think I was dehydrated by the way – word to the wise – drink your liquids gradually during the run instead of guzzling them afterwards).
Let’s Luau the night away.
I love my school because we have school wide Luau’s in the courtyard at night. Okay, it’s technically a dance, but we get to wear flowers in our hair without getting any weird looks.
The dance is tonight so I won’t be able to post any lovely pictures until next week. Unfortunately it looks like it is going to rain so it was moved from being outside in the courtyard to being inside. 

Today is pay day, which is always exciting in its own right, but I also am getting paid for Club RAP. Club RAP is where we teach students to write and record original rap music and I got paid twice a week for ten weeks to help them. Wait. Kidding. Club RAP is an acronym (of course) that stands for Reaching Academic Potential and was essentially a homework club with built in points and rewards.  I was assigned four students for the duration of the club and acted as their tutor with the ultimate goal of raising their grades. Three of my students successfully raised their grades but the fourth, I realized (too late) was a social butterfly. I think he focused better at home then with me after school as horrible as that sounds. Lesson learned! Moving on….I’m also getting paid for helping out with the track meets today. Yea! 

I bought a longboard. Yes, as in a skateboard.
And, yes, I have no clue how to ride it. But it’s now on my summer bucket list. 

And an update on my classroom cleaning:
Here is a drawer on Monday before I started cleaning
And it here it is after: 
Wait….how did it get clean so fast and where id all the stuff go? Oh, right:

Let's just say cleaning is slow going
Happy Friday! Four more days left till summer officially starts (or I guess, till school officially ends)!

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