Five For Friday: Finally!

These past three weeks have been so busy. Many good things, many fun things, many active things. But busy! Pheww! I think the only reason I'm even able to write this is because I had a rare cup of coffee this morning. 

First, SBAC testing is officially OVER today! YEA!! Granted it ended about four weeks ago but that's okay! I'm sharing my excitement now!  I also have to give a shout out to all the students who were in my computer lab - they did a truly awesome job working hard and keeping positive attitudes.
This was me on the last day of testing. And if you can't read my fabulous bracelet, it says "SBAC Survivor".

Second, I went on TWO lovely field trips in the past three weeks!

The first one, was to  CAMPY, a math conference for precocious middle students with a group of fantastic kiddos learned about binary code, making magic cards (above) and learning about unit rates and proportions (that may or may not have involved making ice cream!). I went to CAMPY last year with a group of students, and although last year was really good, this year was a lot better with it being less crowded and there being more engaging sessions.

If your a Connecticut teacher involved in math (or even the other STEM areas), I highly recommend it. Its aimed at middle school students and there were fourth graders to eighth graders present.

The second field trip was to Six Flags! I helped chaperone the annual chorus and band trip there and had a lot of fun - although I almost died on Bizarro (i'm not kidding, people!) and it rained the last hour. 

See how tall that is and how thin the track is?  I'm getting nauseous just looking at it. 

I'm officially in the middle of my last Master's class! It is awesome to be so close to finishing but it's also stressful - the class is only 6 weeks long so I have about 2 assignments due a week, and 2 discussions. Thankfully it's online so I can squeeze in the work whenever I have time. 

I've been running consistently again! It helps that last week my sister and I had a 30 mile challenge which I lost (she ran thirty miles before I did!) but I managed to run the 30 miles by squeezing in a nice 4 miler Saturday night. This week our challenge was to run a faster 1K time. A 1K is about .6 of a mile and it seemed liked an easy feat, except my current record is 4:04 and when I calculated it out, it meant I would have to run at a 6:33 pace or faster to beat that time which seemed a little insane. I'm also blaming the fact that I've been running thirty mile weeks for about a month now. I'm tired! 

I actually ran on a track! I HATE running on tracks. Granted it was two loops tops before I started running on a trail in the woods.

I also helped out at two track meets, running (as in administering, not actually running) the long jump and triple jump event. It was awesome working with high schoolers and they were super helpful as they guided me through learning about an event I didn't even know existed (triple jump? Really? Who invented that event is my question).


  1. Congrats on almost being done with your Masters! I graduated with my M.Ed. about 3 weeks ago and it was SO nice to close that chapter! Happy summer :)

    Second Grade Stampede

  2. Thanks Bryce! Congrats to you too! It will feel nice to be done!


  3. Congratulations on your Masters! You'll get through it all! I've found that most teachers I know do their best work during crunch time! :)

    And MANY congratulations for making it through SBAC! I'm glad that my KinderSTARS don't yet have to take it, but I am so glad that our 3-8 staff and students don't look like zombies anymore!

    Thanks for sharing your running progress! I have always loved running, but have never found ANY level of consistency in my routine! I am trying to amp myself up for my first 5K now! Love these Five for Friday posts and getting to learn more about all of my favorite bloggers! :)

    All my best,

    Shoe Laces & Sweet Faces

  4. Hi Katie,

    You are so lucky to be almost done with your masters! I have a whole year left... but on the bright side comparing this year (teaching at a new school, my wedding, TEAM & masters) to this year (teaching & masters) I guess I will live haha!

    Also... triple jump is quite possibly the best event, ever! Or maybe a close second to hurdles! Triple & hurdles were my favorite events 9th grade through senior year of college :) It's fabulous you are running so much, I'm trying to build back up after a bit of a dry spell... aiming for breaking 20 this week!



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