7 Random Things I Have In My House....Because I'm a Teacher

7 Things I find at my house in the summer that don't surprise me because I'm a teacher:

1) Part of a protractor. Not a whole protractor. Nope just the stick thing that you use to line up the angle.

2) Hall passes. Written out, blank...no matter - at least I'm prepared to allow myself (and others- think of the power!) to go down the hall in my house for the next 2 months. 

3)  Water bottles. At least 10. Sprinkled through out my house. In random purses. On random shelves. It's a bad habit I bring home - you never know when you'll need water at school! To drink, to water a plant with, to wash the chalkboard. 

4) Clothes stored in random purses. Um hello I just spilled coffee all over my dress. 
Wait what was that tearing noise? Why is my back pocket of my cords flapping around?
But unlike in normal jobs where you might get away with hiding in your office all day as a teacher there is no way you could pull that off. Hence the extra clothes stored in purses. Going through the purses in the summer is like shopping except the clothes all look vaguely familiar and smell a little musty.

5) Extra rulers. And tape measures. And glue sticks. And rolls of tape. And construction paper. When's the last time you used a glue stick at home? Your 8th grade Spanish collage, you said? Never mind, you never know when a (fresh! Unused! Still sticky!) glue stick  might be needed!

6) Packs of unsharpened pencils hidden in random drawers. Old habits die hard. At school, you're obviously hiding them from the pencil eaters (honestly where else does a box of pencils go in one week? The kids must be eating them - which brings me to a brilliant idea I have - put tracking devices on pencils and then at the end of the year kids can write stories "The Adventure of Mr. Pencil"). Anywho tho at home your obviously hiding them from yourself because you spend too much time with kids and pick up their pencil losing habits (just not their pencil eating ones I hope).

7) Blank lunch detentions. Again see number 2. How hall passes and lunch detentions migrate home I have no clue. 

What other random teacher related objects do have around your house?

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