Five for Friday: Appreciative for Blog Make-Overs and Birthdays and...

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! I have A LOT to appreciate this week!

I'll be linking up these week (again) to both Five for Friday and Freebie Friday (see Number 4).

My blog make-over is officially complete thanks to the AWESOME Barb over at Ruby Slipper Blog Designs! See my The BIG Reveal! post about the super easy experience or head over to Barb's site!

Wednesday was my boss’s birthday (he’s the math coordinator) so I bought him this mathematical mug, a Starbucks gift card and a card in which I tried to record another math teacher's voice singing (it unfortunately didn't work which, yes, meant I ended up giving my boss a card with a singing monkey in it.)

I must say I was pretty proud of the final wrapping job! (Let’s not mention the baby shower wrapping snafu of earlier this year – do you know how hard it is to wrap a multi-piece  towel set?).

The fabulous PTO hosted a Staff Luncheon on Tuesday with so much delicious food there were gads of yummy leftovers to last us through the rest of the week! This is just a third of the table of leftovers, not to mention all the food in the fridges!

Wayyy back when (okay technically it was back in January ), I blogged about my Book Quotes Wall:

Here’s a slightly lopsided picture.

This past weekend I had the brilliant idea to convert my Word document into a Publisher Document, create a pretty cover page, save it as a PDF and then post it on TPT as a FREEBIE for others to use.

There are a total of 55 quotes in the freebie – I admit not ALL are from books. About 5 or so are taken from poems, speeches, and magazine articles. And there might be a lot from Sarah Dessen and Megan Shull’s books. There are also some children’s books quotes mixed in with the mainly young adult novels. They’re all black and white –I find printing them on colored paper makes a fun display!

I definitely see myself adding to this as I find more and more great quotes, so watch for an updated version!

If you have any feedback about the set-up of the quotes or see any typos, pleassse let me know.

Last week I mentioned that I bought a new phone. And literally in the nick of time.

Thursday my phone was being funky (as in the button to unlock it on the top didn’t work too well and I had to press it, oh, about ten times before it decided to unlock).

By Friday, this button went from not too well to not at all.

I ended up dong minor surgery to make the button work and let’s just say it went from under-responsive to over-responsive!

Every time I used my phone Friday, if my finger as much as grazed the top of the unlock/power button a message would pop up asking if I wanted to continue powering down (The unlock button on my old phone also happens to be the power button.).

Um, no thank you. I’m actually in the middle of using you!

I think my favorite part of my new phone is the Nike+ App I got. It talks to me as I run! Seriously there is nothing like hearing your mile pace is 10:04 to motivate you to run faster so you can get it under10:00.

Watching my miles run increase after each run is also really cool (and motivating – hey just 1.2 miles till I get to 20 miles this week! Out the door I go).

AND they have prerecorded elite runners cheer you on! Hearing “This is Kara Goucher! You met your goal. Great job running!” was awesome! Now I’m off to my delusional world where I can pretend that her message was personally meant just for me.

Enjoy your Friday!


  1. Love the new blog design!! :o)
    Have a great weekend!!
    Munchkins Inc

  2. Great blog design! I will bite the bullet one of these days and re-do mine! I love your book quote idea and will check the freebie out in a few minutes! Thanks so much!

    Happy Five for Friday!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  3. Hi Carol! Thank you! It was definitely a little scary going into it (ah how will it end up looking!!??) but totally with it in the end. Thanks for stopping by!



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