Five for Friday: Playing with the Harlem Wizards and other Goodies!

Linking up to Five for Friday after a very busy and chaotic week!
First exciting news from this week:

I had the amazing opportunity this week to play in a fundraiser for our local football team with the Harlem Wizards. Fifteen of us staff and teachers versus about 7 of them….and we lost of course. It was so much fun though! Between the songs, the impromptu dance party on the floor during the fourth quarter, the selfies, and the great team mates and crowd, it was the absolutely best time I have ever had playing a sport that I am truly horrid at.

In the midst of testing, I had my vice principal buy me lunch on Monday (A delicious veggie wrap with hummus) and my math boss buy me lunch on Wednesday (hello, vegetable spring rolls!). I am truly blessed.

Next week I FINALLY have spring break! After reading about everyone elses spring breaks for the last month or so I finally have mine! Whoot!!!! Although I am not going any where I am beyond excited to just be able to relax, catch up on sleep, and...


For my spring break I stocked up on lots o' books to read:

Hopefully I'll get a chance and time to blog about my favorites in this stack.
I was supposed to have a freebie ready for everyone but I have not had the chance to make the asnwer key! My apologies!! I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and I'll be enjoying my vacation!

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