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Complete confession: I have been in a total blogging slump, for well, a while. The only reason I post is because…of linky parties. Seriously would not be posting anything if not for them. For that reason (and many others!), I LOVE linky parties (Five for Friday and Farley I’m talking to you!), but at the same time, my original content posting has been…zilch. I took last Friday off because I was on my vacation and I wanted to truly relax. I’m sure I could have come up with something to post about, but I didn’t want to. I was done with just posting to post.


That said, the Boston Marathon was on Monday! I wish I could have actually been there (come on, Connecticut, Patriots Day should be a holiday for us too! ) but just reading about it, reading runners Tweets, and watching interviews and footage afterward was almost as good as being there (okay, not really but…)!

I was beyond excited to have Meb win first place. Although I love all runners from all countries, to have an American place first was just awesome especially in light of past events.

And my second personal favorite runner (my personal favorite is Kara Goucher but she was suffering from a butt injury) Shalane Flanagan placed 7th, but set the pace for the women’s field, and finished in 2:22:02. Seriously awesome.

Oh and did I mention that Kara Goucher favorited my sister’s tweet to Kara and Shalane? No? Well, she did and let’s just say my sister and I were beyond excited.

Okay enough running geeky-ness!


Speaking of Tweets, I am proud to say I finally created my Teaching Voracious Learners Twitter and Pinterest accounts! This is something I have been meaning to do for a long time but never got around to.

Link to them here:


and here:


As I promised in my Bring your stuffed animal to school day post, here is a picture of of the stuffed animals the students brought in:

That's right. Only one student brought in her stuffed animal. But the students did have many interesting and often touching stories about their stuffed animals, I just don't think they felt comfortable bringing it in to school...Hm. I wonder why?
Here is the first of my super exciting news: I had an interview this past week for a K-2 position. Ah! Yea!

I applied Monday morning and the secretary called me by noon to set up an appointment – woah that was fast! On the phone when setting up the interview, the secretary said it was a “screening.” Oh, okay.

Wait? What’s a screening?! He said it was a 10-15 minute interview that I didn’t have to bring anything with, more like a meet and greet. In two days.

Oh. Okay. Whew!

So of course I redid my whole portfolio to have it highlighting examples of work with the younger grades, instead of older grades that I had before. And of course I brought it with me.

The interview ended up being about 30 minutes with just the vice principal. All my past interviews have had from 3-6 people present so this was a little different: and I liked it! I always get SUPER nervous with a larger group but with just the vice principal, I immediately was relaxed. It helped that she was super nice and supportive! It was honestly the best interview experience I have ever had. I’ll know by today or later whether I’m going forward in the process or not. Very excited!

(Did you know that excitement and nervousness have the same effect on the body? It’s our attitude and our mind that decides whether we are excited or nervous! How cool is that? Whenever I think I’m nervous I always think, well, maybe I’m just excited! And I usually am!)

And here is the Thank you note I wrote (it might actually be a Thank you essay, but...):


And I saved the next BEST news for last! A couple weeks ago I entered a blog redesign contest over at The Hands On Teacher in First. When I read Barb’s email from Ruby Slipper Blog Designs saying I had won over vacation I was SO excited (Seriously – I think I finally understood Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s coach – it was that level of excitement!). Although I love the work I had put into my blog…there just seems to be something lacking…so I am BEYOND excited to have a professional come in and renovate it all! Keep your eyes peeled for the unveiling!

Happy Friday!


  1. New blog design on the way?! SO exciting! I just reserved a spot for one too :o) Congrats on the interview, too! Sounds like it went well...I hope you hear soon!

    Munchkins Inc.

    1. Thanks Emily! I actually had a demo lesson today so now I'm anxious to hear back about that!!

  2. Glad you're excited! I am, too! The process has begun:)


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