Currently! April

This Currently! totally snuck up on me! It seems like March was just last week. Phew! Time flies!

Listening: I said nothing, but technically I can hear the heat on in the background. Although the days are warmer it gets chilly at night!

Loving: It was gorgeous today! I went for a long run and by the end I was covered in sweat and it was dripping painfully into my eyes. It felt great… and yes I am a running geek! But to give you a better idea why being sweaty makes me that happy: The picture on the left was taken March 31st…and less than twenty-four hours later is April on the right. Amazing, huh?

Thinking: I need to organize my To Do list for tomorrow so I can figure out what I need to do now to get ready for tomorrow. Very circuitous.

Wanting: It was brought to my attention that I my follower bar wasn’t working. Grr. I can’t figure out how to fix it. I removed it, but then I couldn’t find it again to replace it! I’m thinking I need to switch completely over to Google + or Bloglovin’ but Google+ seems like I’m abandoning the essence of me and I couldn’t figure out how to get the button from Bloglovin’ last time I tried. Hopefully this will get worked out, but if anyone has any advice, please share!

Needing: My headache to go away please! I usually don’t get headaches that often but I got one last night and tonight so I’m wondering if it’s something I’m eating or doing that’s giving me headaches.

Advice: After I graduated from college (a very intense period), I came to the conclusion that Life is for having fun! Okay, I know, we also have to work hard. But honestly when you have all work and you never take time to relish life as it is and enjoy the moment, the work ends up feeling … pointless. Like I’m working so hard and really? In the end? It doesn’t matter… You need to take time for yourself. I came to this realization mainly after a History Awards ceremony in the spring of my senior year. I had received an Outstanding History Major Award for being a top history major. And it seemed so…passing, fleeting, unimportant. Big whoop. I was one of 10 other people to get an award for various majors that year. The next year there would be another group. And another. I remember staring out the car window on my way home thinking: it’s over and it doesn’t matter. I was just another good student to my professors. Yes it made their life easier to have a good student, but did I really even enjoy being a good student? No! I was stressed all the time. So just remember to take time and have fun, and enjoy what you are doing, even when you are working super hard.

All that said, Happy Spring and Happy April! Spring is our lovely reward for sticking out the winter.

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