Spring Cleaning!

Do you ever look around your classroom and think…how did it get this messy? Why is there chalk dust all over my stacks of papers? Why do I even have random stacks of papers everywhere?

This was me on Monday. I had eaten lunch with a couple students and during this rare quiet time I happened to notice…the mess.

I luckily had a free period after so I went into a total cleaning frenzy. Here’s a before and after photo of my horseshoe table:

One of favorite additions is “Rudy”, my sticky note holder. Yes, I know Rudy is totally out of season but it was so cute (and convenient!) that I couldn’t pass it up. I previously had my sticky notes all over my table and it was ANNOYING! Every time I reached for something, there was a sticky note pad instead.

I also create a chalk container. I had previously had the chalk in the boxes, which then migrated to the chalkboard rail which then migrated to the desks I have in front of my chalkboard…and don’t even mention the chalk dust!

I used to have my clothes pins for my charts in this container, but I moved my clothes pins all into one container then put my chalk in the smaller, appropriately themed container.

I also moved my behavior chart from the chalkboard, where it was VERY messy to a whiteboard which is easier to clean. It also made use of the tape on the whiteboard that I cannot, for the life of me, get off. (Related to this: I realized that I had been using an Expo eraser to erase my chalkboard! No wonder erasing my chalkboard was so ineffective! Whoops!)

The last thing I have to do is organize all the random papers I have floating around. Onward!

Happy Almost-Spring!

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