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Linking up again to Doodle Bugs Five For Friday (I’ve been linking up A LOT lately. I think the structure helps me focus and gives me a goal for posting).

Happy Pi day! Here’s my lovely t-shirt I bought on Amazon! How cute is it?

I admit I have a love of holidays. When I student taught I would have a holiday a week. I would research and find some holiday, sometimes obscure and sometimes not, then make up a clue sheet. I would post the clue sheet on the day of the holiday and give them one day to figure out/guess what the holiday was. The winner received a school related (fancy pencil, eraser) prize. The kids would get so excited and gave some of the most interesting answers!


Last Sunday was Day Light Saving Time and boy did I feel it Monday! Sunday I was fine but Monday I thought I was going to fall over and go to sleep! Every time someone asked me how I was I would say “Tired!”. I could see it in other teachers and students faces too, with the bags under their eyes and just general lethargic-ness so I wasn’t the only one!

And I also came to the realization: Not all countries have Daylight Saving Time! And if other countries do have DST, they don’t necessarily have it on the same day! And to make it even more confusing not all states in the US observe DST. And I thought trying to figure out the whole spring ahead concept was tricky!

I created another TPT product for a vocabulary conversation activity called Connect-The-Word which I blogged about earlier this week. Here’s the vocabulary activity at my TPT store.

If you haven’t read these two posts, I highly suggest you head over and check these out:

The first is Second Grade Sparkle’s post on Close Reading, where she gave a super informative background view on what close reading is. The second is Rocky Top Teacher whose close reading bookmark I have fallen in love with and started to use with my own students.

The bookmark is a checklist for a close reader, including reading the title, reading the passage, rereading the passage, reading the questions and using evidence from the text to support your answers to questions. I have taught these skills to my kiddos but sometimes it can be frustrating guiding them through the process again and again or reminding them when they skim and give shallow answers. By giving them this checklist bookmark when they start reading a passage they can check off each step as the go, making them more independent and providing a visual reminder of each step.

I started to use this bookmark this week with them and I love it! They take so much more responsibility for reading when they have the checklist to check off. At the side of the checklist, I added a space where they can write the passages title, any unknown vocabulary, and any questions they have after the first cold read.

One of my students, I saw on Tuesday where she started to use the checklist. On Wednesday when she came in she looked in folder, looked at the checklist and said “I already checked off that I read it again so now I’m going to read the questions.” I love that besides guiding her through close reading, it also led to the student monitoring her own progress.


To cap off my close reading/conversation theme, I would like to highly recommend Fisher & Frey;s resources on both Close Reading and Collaborative Conversations, as well as on Annotation. The PowerPoint’s include lists of what is expected for the close reader at each grade band, including examples of student work and text for the classroom. The conversation PowerPoint also includes grade band expectations from K-12.It’s interesting looking at how the skills are built over time. For example at the K-2 level, there are certain expectations, and at each grade band, the student maintains the previous expectations and adds more. It’s a very visual buildup of skills that helps me see how the skills gained at the K-2 level are so vital in intermediate school, middle school and so on. These are seriously great resources which are easy to read through.
Happy FridayJ


  1. Love the shirt! And thanks for the info on Fisher & Frey's - I'll have to check that out!

  2. Kristen,
    You're welcome! The best about the tee is that it is made up of the digits of pi!


  3. I totally agree with the daylight savings time!


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