Five for Friday: The Week I "Almost" Met Michelle Obama

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Story Number Uno:

During one of my reading groups this week, a student I had earlier in the year literally ran into the room and I looked up surprised. What was wrong?

She ran up next to me and said: “Ms. K! Ms. K! I got an A- on my history essay!”

I had worked with her on skill work, but also on history vocab. She struggled a lot on the quizzes so I made it a goal that each week her focus was just to improve her grade from the week before. We would read the chapter together discussing what exactly the text was saying.

I high fived her and she ran back out the room.

It’s moments like these that I LOVE my job and being a teacher.

Story Number Dos:
Then there was when another 8th grade student told me he had a magic trick. He took the cards, hid behind my desk and prepped the cards. Then he showed four jacks and told this winding story about four robbers who robbed different parts of the house but then the police come and Bam! They’re (the jacks) are all on the roof (the top of the stack)!

The best part was how when another student and I were watching him, and he would say “No! You can’t look!” because he was clearly messing with the cards. At the end, he asked if I wanted to know how he did it. Sure, I said. “I use my telekinesis”.

I literally had tears in my eyes and my stomach hurt from laughing.

Before I Die….

This sounds morbid, right? But it’s totally not!

The concept is based off a project started by Cindy Chang. I recently read through her book and was inspired to create my own wall in my classroom. Since I have a chalkboard, making it wasn't the issue, but I was worried about the student’s reactions. Would they think it’s too depressing?

I dove in and made one anyway. My lunch kiddos were the first to write on it and they “got” it. My reading group after I saw them was a little confused as they started talking about how they would rather die (i.e. jumping off a cliff or in a fire). Jeepers!

I redirected them by telling them, “It’s not about death, it’s about living.”

They seem to get it and by the end of the day they had filled one of the columns. Horray! Kids love writing on it and on Tuesday they filled up the second column.

I like the board already because I get to know another side of my students.

One of my students really thought about it. He had done many things other students wrote (Skydive, for example) but he couldn't think of anything to write himself. Finally he wrote: Join the army.

Here are some of the other things they wrote:

Get a beagle and live in a cheez-it house


Go to Cali

Be a star

Jump off a cliff into the ocean.

Be famous.

Cure Cancer.

I was working with one of my students on character this week. We defined the different parts of character (trait, point of view, relationships), looked at examples then made our own. She had some creative answers that she thought were HILARIOUS (She was laughing so hard she had a hard time sharing them with me):

Traits: Ms. K has brown eyes and gray hair. She has a loud laugh…

Why thank you!


On Tuesday, we had a delegation of people from China who were visiting to learn about the American education system.

Some of the students made a sign welcoming them to the school, and the visitors gave these students gifts:


How cool are they?

On a similar note, mid-way through Tuesday my students told me that Michelle Obama was visiting their classroom at the end of the day. WHAT?

It turns out, the students were participating in some sort of video conference which Michelle would be a part of. I was very disappointed (and gullible).


I love easy clothing buys! My sister recently bought some clothes: she texted me that she wasn’t a fan of all of them. Did I want them? Um! Yes! I did have to pay for them, but I didn’t have to search for them! It’s like having a personal shopper!

I am now the happy owner of two new pairs of sandals and a black maxi dress. Hello Spring! I am ready for you!

  And yes, I have BIG feet.

Happy Friday!

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