Five for Friday!

Linking up to Doodle Bugs for the second time!

(BTW I would totally be the one on the far right. Or the guy cleaning his nails.)
Jury Duty!

I was supposed to have Jury Duty today but thankfully it was canceled. This made me very excited because...

...Our whole school celebration day from last Friday was rescheduled for today. I was bummed at the idea that I would be missing it. Thankfully I'm not! We also had our mentor groups today and I would have missed them too! So relieved!

Super Sunday!

This is something I want to start doing. Every Sunday I am going to blog about what I'm excited for in the upcoming week. I know sometimes I can fall into a slump about Ugh! It's Sunday! The weekend's almost over!

I thought maybe if I posted about something in the upcoming week it would help shift my mindset to : Hey! A new week! Let's see what I can do this week to make my job, my teaching, and my life AMAZING!

My first post will be this Sunday and it would be really cool if other people posted what they're excited for too!

I blogged before about my new classroom management system and how I wanted the students themselves to log their points. I obtained some folders, color coded them by group and then on the left hand side put the classroom rules/point system handout as well as  the chart that tracks their points. On the right hand side I put the work they are expected to complete in that period.

I love it!

Instead of me scrambling to get their work out of my HUGE binders, it's in the folder. At the end of the period, I update the folder with what work they will be doing next based on what was completed that day.

The students are much more responsible: tallying their own points, and were much more accountable to their work. Maybe it was visually seeing and knowing "Okay this is what I'm working on today. I can do this. And if I do, then I can add more points. Hey! I'm at 7 right now!"

I had two students trade in 4 points to listen to their iPods. One of the students, after taking out her iPod, put it back and decided to save her points. I love how I could see her mind working. "Wait. If I use 4 points today, then I'll only have two points left. But if I keep saving..."

She ended up earning the "Hard Worker Award" for the day 1) because she followed classroom expectations, and 2) she worked really hard and her behavior had improved A LOT! She was pretty excited at the end to learn she had earned the extra two points.

Okay I'm not sure I have a five!

Oh wait! Here's a High 5 for all you fabulous readers!

Kidding...Kind of :)

Happy Friday!


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