Classroom Management: Where am I? Chart

This chart lets the student know what kind of work they will be doing that period. It has four sections for beginning a new skill, working on a skill activity, completing a practice question, or taking a test on the skill. One item I didn’t include was homework, which students sometimes work on during the time I meet with them, but this has yet to become an issue. We'll see if this matters in the future.

This chart is a tool I feel is super helpful when used when small group instruction. It can also be used in a classroom setting where students might be at different places. For example, during guided reading, some students might be meeting with the teacher, some might be completing Read to Self, others Read to Someone, and perhaps another group is journaling. For this scenario, I would make the chart bigger. I also would put it on a small whiteboard that way the options can be changed over time. Students could then just write their name under each section then erase and rewrite their name when they finish journaling and move to Read to Self. This would promote self-regulation as well as let the teacher focus more closely on the group at hand.

For my classroom, since we are focused on skill work and intervention work, the options p0retty much stay the same.

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