Classroom Management: Points and Rewards

This handout provides more specific detail about how students can earn points and what they can trade their points for.

I also created a points binder where students can record how many points they earned that day, how many they have in all and whether they are trading them for anything. I want the students to put the points in themselves so they see the points adding up. But so far I have been entering them in. With short periods and trying to fit everything into the period, the kids race out of the room to go to their next class.

The last thing that connects to the point system is my points chart. It is not very pretty right now:

Students can earn smiles and frowns each day. The above chart is one I want to turn into a poster and laminate so it’s not as messy. One thing I’m still working with is how students earn frown faces. The obvious answer is when they break classroom rules.

At the beginning of the year I had more of a countdown system and when I was done counting down if they were still exhibiting the undesired behavior, they would get a mark. (I also changed my count down from a 7 countdown to a 5 countdown. The 5 countdown seems much more natural than the 7. Students were a little bummed at first because it gave them less time to get their act together but oh well!).

But now with the new system I feel like students should earn frown faces RIGHT AWAY when they are exhibiting the undesired behaviors and not just after counting down. Then I can use counting down for when I need all of their attention and not when they are doing something unwanted.

I also am not sure how to balance the happy v. frown faces. If they have a mark under a frown face does that mean that I take away one of their smiley face points? Or do I only count the frown faces if they lead to a lunch detention, etc. (two marks = lunch detention, three = level 1, four=level 2). This is something I’m still ruminating over.

Other than that, it all seems to be working (for the most part!) so that makes me happy! Smiley face for me!

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