Classroom Management: Use a Sticky

On my last post about classroom management I described the more technical details of the system as well as background on how the system was shaped. This time I want to share the more fun stuff, or the things I added in more detail. I'll be sharing different aspects over the next week.

The first one I'll share is "Use a Sticky".

This is something my cooperative teacher used during student teaching. I wasn’t 100% of the logic behind it. It was one of those things that ‘just was’ in the classroom. The students when they had a question during guided reading or another time where the teacher or I were working with a small group of students would write their question on a sticky and leave it by the teacher. Now, I realize the beauty of this. How many times have you been mid-thought and discussion with students only to have another student interrupt? Very frustrating!

Now when I am working with a student or students, I have the other students write their question on a sticky (I like to use the small mini ones for this). This will definitely be a process because the first time I tried this, my students gave me a sticky that said “I have a question.” Next week, I’m going to begin ignoring those types of stickies and only respond if they write the actual question on the sticky to phase out this behavior.

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