Classroom Management: Noise Level Chart

My second classroom management tool that I'm sharing this week is my Noise Level chart. It was based off a chart that I used during student teaching:

The chart has four levels:

0: Silent

1: Quiet Whispers

2: Group Talk (Raise Hand)

3: Conversation (Free talk)

I used clothes pins to mark where each student is. I created both individual clothes pins with student names as well as an “All” clothes pin. My students did point out that on one set of the pins, I wrote their names upside down! Whoops!

So far this has been successful, even having the students reinforce the level for other students. I think the biggest part for me will be being conscious of when the noise level changes need to occur. Since I have groups that change each period, I've found changing the pins before they come helps a bit, as it orients me to where they are as well as helps them know from the get go what the expectation is.

I typically use silent for when they are testing, quiet whispers for students who are doing independent work or an activity that relies more on my involvement, and group talk when discussing a new skill or getting oriented for the period. I honestly haven’t used the Conversation level yet much because the periods are usually pretty packed and there isn’t much time for more relaxed talking as their might be at the end of a day when students are packing up or perhaps during an indoor recess in a regular classroom. I can see using this though as students trade in their rewards for chalkboard time or game time.

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